Commercial & Industrial Waste

Recycling and waste management solutions

Commercial and Industrial Waste contains a high proportion of recyclable materials such as HDPE, LDPE (films), PET, wood, card, and paper all of which can be removed using near infra-red technologies.

The ferrous and non-ferrous metals can be removed using typical ferrous magnets and non-ferrous eddy current separators. All removed recyclates are generally put though a quality control station for final inspection. Once all the recyclates are removed, refuse derived fuel (RDF) can be extraced from the residue.

The design of a C&I plant must include the flexibility to deal with varying C&I waste streams. This flexibility must be within the capabilities of the waste management plant operator and must have the ability to occur immediately. With the suitable near infra-red equipment McDonald ensures that each recycling plant includes programs that will adapt to the wide variance of possible infeed materials to be recycled.

The technologies involved for the most efficent C&I separation must include pre-shredding, screening or trommelling, ballistic 3D/2D separation, metal processing equipment, and near-infrared sorters.

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