Company Profile

McDonald International

At its core McDonald International are a manufacturing company and take great pride in the in-house design and manufacturing of all our components. Our current client list includes many pillars of the waste, concrete, and aggregate industries as well as many private management firms. Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance and this belief has resulted in repeat business from all of our clients.

Our experience and continuous training in the field of recycling and waste management puts our plants at the forefront of the newest technology. This relatively new and ever changing industry requires an equipment partner who is willing to be adaptable to new and emerging technologies.

McDonald International was founded in 1990 in Tullamore, Co. Offaly in the centre of Ireland. In the early years much of the focus was building plant for the concrete and aggregate industry throughout Ireland as a response to the rapid construction taking place in the country. As the worldwide recession hit in 2007 the company paid more attention to the Waste and Recycling industry and began by building and commissioning such plants throughout Ireland. They soon built their first plant in the UK and in the time since have commissioned 30 plants throughout the UK. Their expertise has been recognized by many companies throughout the UK who continue to engage them for all their plant needs.

Although not limiting themselves to exclusive partners the company has strong relationships with many equipment suppliers whom they engage to provide the most up to date plant solutions.

The company has been led by John McDonald throughout the years since it began to this time. John is a prominent figure in the local community and has been recognized for this many years of expertise in the Engineering field.

McDonald International has always been a design and manufacturing company and prides themselves on their ability to design, build, and commission plant using their own staff.